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Omould has a strong R&D department with 10 professional engineers. 
Once a project from the customers is coming, the engineers will make DFM and mold flow analysis.
There are some problems in the silicone mould as follow:
1) Air traps
2) Distortion
3) Burst
4) Mould burning
5) (Gas) Bubble
6) Black spot
7) Pill badness

Type of moulds
LSR silicone mold       solid silicone mould     cold runner silicone mould

Client Industries
automotive parts baby and child care cosmetic packaging  Electronics
home appliance   medical device     Kitchen  Toys  

Product size: 700*450*500mm

Export Countries
USA, France, Germany, Japan, India, Malta,Italy,Iran,Brazil,Denmark, Saudi Arabia,Tunisia,Sri Lankan

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contact on line